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Having a family photo shoot outdoors in the spring or the autumn is wonderful. The flowers are blooming and in the autumn the leaves are displaying their beautiful colours in south west London.

Parents can sometimes be unsure of what to wear to make sure they look good for a photo shoot

here’s my guide for what to wear for an outdoor session in the park.

in a nutshell …

layer your clothes


try to match

The most import thing when it comes to what children wear is to make sure they are warm and comfortable. The weather can be unpredictable in the spring and autumn.

Layering children’s clothes really helps if the weather is chilly!

That way, if you’d prefer the photos to be taken without jackets on, having several layers underneath means the children won’t be cold. When a child is cold, they aren’t that keen on having their photos taken!

Likewise, be prepared for the children to to shed some clothes so be sure to be happy with every layer they have on.

If the children wear wellies, give them a good clean because their shoes often end up in photos!

Now let’s talk about the adults!

I love photographing families where everyone matches. This isn’t always possible. but what you can do is try to make the bottoms match.

Can you all wear jeans or dark bottoms?

If one person wears a bright scarf, can they all?

But don’t worry too much about what you wear. Just remember that your lovely faces are the most important thing in the photo shoot.

I hope these tips have helped!

Andisheh xx


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