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As a newborn baby and family photographer based in Twickenham, Southwest London, one of the first questions people ask me is what they should wear on a photo shoot – whether it’s for a newborn photo shoot or for a large family. I start off explaining

in a nutshell …

you can wear what you like

as long as you matcH and adults

avoid logos and overly-patterned outfits 


You don’t want your dress or top to be the focus of attention. Your beautiful faces should be! The only exception is for children. They are so cute in anything – as long as it fits and doesn’t clash with what everyone else is wearing.


I advise adults not to wear tops with big logos printed on them because if I crop the image, the logo may be cropped as well and it can also be distracting to the viewer.


Here are a few ‘themes’ you could try, depending on the type of photo shoot…


1. white tops and dark bottoms


This is a classic look and is really popular for a reason – it looks great – particularly in black and white photos!


family sitting together on long


2. dark or light colours for newborn sessions


Regardless of the season, I suggest that all parents coming for a newborn photo shoot in my Twickenham Green studio (above Maple Leaf Pharmacy) wear something light coloured – preferably white – and also to bring something dark – preferably black. I particularly encourage dads to have a black top with them. But keep in mind that the room will be really warm (so the baby is cozy), so don’t wear jumpers!


Baby being held by father during baby photo shoot new mother holding newborn baby in Photography studio




3. Dress for the season – neutral colours that won’t clash with the spring colours

With the beautiful colours in the spring, it’s easy to think that wearing bright patterns will look good. But I actually recommend wearing neutral colours so that the spring flowers really stand out. Here is a lovely example.


happy girl being held by dad in the park


I hope these tips have helped!


Andisheh xx


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