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Here are my top 5 tips for preparing for a visit from a nursery photographer

As a nursery photographer in Twickenham, South West London, I work closely with nurseries and pre-schools to make sure that the children look their best for the photos. Part of this is to engage parents in the process so that they can also ensure their child’s photos turn out great. Here are my favourite tips for when a nursery photographer visits your child.

1. Set a reminder for yourself

Nurseries and pre-schools book their photo shoot dates with me at least a few months in advance. They often tell parents a few months earlier as well. Most also remind parents about a week beforehand. Sometimes with the best intentions and reminders, it’s still easy for parents to forget when it’s happening. That’s why it’s a good tip to remind yourself when the nursery photographer is coming.

As soon as you have a date from the nursery/pre-school, put a note in your diary so you don’t forget. Some nurseries may forget to send a reminder.

pre-school photographer

2. Pack an extra set of nice clothes

Children can be messy creatures and it would be a shame for the outfits you want them to be photographed to get dirty before a nursery photographer has had a chance to photograph them. That’s why it’s a useful tip to have a spare set of clothes with them on that day that could serve as a back-up.

Ideally, something that could be folded nicely into their bag without getting too wrinkled

sweet girl looking at camera

3. Stay a little longer at nursery that day if you need to

Is your child a little shy? It’s usually fine with most nurseries/pre-schools for a parent or carer to stay with them while the photos are being taken. As an experienced nursery photographer, I normally photograph these children first before doing any other children. In some cases, the parent/carer get’s in the photo too! Just be sure to arrange it with the nursery/pre-school

For shy children, being photographed in their parents lap can mean the difference between having and not having their photos done.

child and mother mini photo shoot

4. Send your child to nursery even if it’s not their typical day to go in

I make arrangements with most nurseries/pre-schools to come on their busiest day. But this may not be the day that your child normally goes in. If that’s the case, make an arrangement with the staff for your child to go in that day. If that’s not convenient, you can arrange to come in just to have your child’s photo taken.

But first check if that’s OK with the nursery!

beautiful smiling boy

5. Tell your children about it.

For children that are old enough, explain to them that a photographer will be coming to visit. You can get your children excited about the experience and also help them to know what to expect. Some things you can say include:

  • The photographer has a camera that’s a magical box that will take your picture
  • You can see your photo on the camera
  • The photographer will get you to do fun games and activities while she takes your photo


If you’d like me to visit your child’s nursery to discuss taking photos there, feel free to get in touch by going to my CONTACT page.

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