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Photography at its sweetest

Some might think that fine art photography and small children don’t mix. But with years of experience in children’s photography, I find the opposite is true! My fine art studio pictures turn out beautifully with all ages.

What makes my work different is that my photography studio is bright and full of natural light.  So we can use natural light or studio equipment depending on the style of photography you prefer. Either way you end up with beautiful photos from your studio session.

I also like to keep things simple. With minimal use of props, you and your children become the focus of the photo.

I am conveniently located above Maple Leaf Pharmacy on Twickenham Green. Please check out my prices and book a session here.

Black and white photos are timeless

why B&W Photos work wonders

One thing I’ve noticed after years of studio photography is how much families love their black and white photos. Fine art studio photography focuses on the expression and face of the child. Removing colour takes away distractions and makes the picture more interesting and timeless.