Richmond-upon-Thames is a wonderful area of South West London for baby and family photographer like me

As a family and baby photographer, living in Richmond-upon-Thames is a wonderful place to be. What are my favourite places in this borough? Obviously, Richmond Park is a top favourite. Inside the park, Isabella’s plantation is a popular place for photographing children and babies. Mainly because the colours are wonderful and being a fenced in area, it means the deer can’t get in and the lawns are more manicured. Of course, there are lovely areas all over the park for children and family photography.

If you want to look at some other locations in the borough, I can highly recommend Marble Hill Park, Radnor Gardens, York House and the Riverside Gardens to name but a few places. Richmond is not too far from Bushy Park either, the other Royal park in the area. Bushy park is actually my most popular area for a photo shoot. It my not be as grand as Richmond park but because the Woodland area of Bushy park is so big and open, there are many corners where you can photograph children.

The good thing about most of these locations is that there’s normally a cafe nearby! Very handy when you have a small child who needs a bit of a treat.

My newborn baby photography studio is located on the other side of the river from the town of Richmond, in Twickenham Green. It’s full of natural light and a wonderful place to visit for a few hours while I photograph your newborn. One good things about being located on Twickenham Green means that while I’m photographing your newborn, any siblings or family members can go for a short walk if they want to.

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