Weddings & Family Celebrations

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Let’s Party!

Professional photography is perfect for family occasions.

Whether it’s an 8th or an 80th birthday party, a wedding or a christening, a professional photographer will make sure the special day is remembered and treasured for years to come.

I’m an expert half-day wedding photographer, particularly for weddings where children are invited to attend. The photos really show the family love on this special occasion.

We all know that family occasions become fewer and further between as the years go by, so grab the opportunity while you can! Great photos will be treasured by children in years to come. Family members can also share in the joy, by ordering their own prints and digital copies.

Everyone in the same place

Having a great time

Families often travel long distances to celebrate a child’s birthday – my parents flew to the UK from Canada to celebrate my daughter’s 2nd birthday! Perhaps your family is getting together to celebrate a milestone. Whatever the occasion, by hiring a professional party photographer you can look back at the pictures in years to come and relive the moment.

As children grow up, they will love looking at pictures of themselves when they were young. Having beautiful professional photographs with aunts, uncles and grandparents is something they’ll treasure for a long time.

Event photography fees

Event photography fees