Mini photo shoots FAQs

For families that are short on time, or are looking for quick portraits of a child, my mini photo shoot sessions are perfect for you. These professional photo shoots place in South West London and below are some frequently asked questions about them. Click on the questions to see my answers!

What types of mini sessions do you offer?

10 MINUTE CHILDREN’S SESSIONS: these sessions take place in play groups throughout the year. For play groups, I set up my mobile studio which is designed for portraits of one child per session. If you’d like me to photograph 2 children, please ensure you book 2 separate sessions.

At school events (such as Christmas Fairs), I try to use my large studio backdrop so I can photograph larger families and individual portraits in each session.

To see what upcoming sessions I have available and where they will be taking place, click HERE.

20-30 MINUTE SEASONAL SESSIONS: I offer these sessions a few times every year in the spring, autumn and in the run-up to Christmas. They are shorter versions of a full family photo shoot. They are perfect if you have a small family with 1 child. They take place in my studio or in the park. To see what upcoming seasonal sessions I have, and where they take place click HERE.

BUSYLIZZY SESSIONS: These take place at different times of the year, usually around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and near Christmas. They are typically 15 minutes long but can be shorter or longer depending on the event.


How should we dress our children and what should we wear?
Some mini sessions that I do are themed (e.g. Halloween or Christmas) so your children may be dressed for the occasion.

For other times of the year, I recommend neutral colours, particularly if we are doing a shoot outdoors. If you have more than one child and have more than one session booked, you can match what the children are wearing. For example, you may want your children to wear jeans and white tops. I also ask that shoes are removed when on the studio background, so this may affect what everyone wears if the shoot is indoors.

It is always a good idea to ensure that everyone has freshened up prior to the shoot. I recommend wiping the faces of any babies or small children and brushing their hair immediately before we start. It’s amazing how quickly children’s faces get messy!

Sometimes for very young babies, I take pictures of the little one on someone’s lap so I recommend parents prepare for being in the photos if needed – not wearing big watches and giving their hands some freshening up.

Do I need any props handy?
In order to make babies and small children comfortable, I always suggest bringing toys, blankets (for outdoor shoots) and anything that makes them relax.

For themed photo shoots I will also have a few themed toys / props with me. You don’t need to have these in the picture if you don’t want and I’ll also have un-themed toys / props with me.

It would also be a good idea to bring a hair brush and anything you or your children will need to freshen up prior to the shoot.

How much are the photos and how do we get them?

My fees depend on which type of session you book. You can find all the details on my booking page HERE or on the booking link that you were provided with.

After your session, I will send you a link to a password protected gallery with your images, with duplicates in black and white. You can order or download your image(s) directly from this site and can also order prints through my professional printers.

As a general rule, I show pre-views of the images on my camera as I take them so families can see the photos as we go along.

What if my child is unwell or isn’t happy to be photographed?
As a parent of a small child, I know that life can be unpredictable. I am always happy to re-schedule a photo shoot if a child is not well or not happy to be photographed. This is the case even if we’ve already started the session.

Any more questions?

Feel free to ring me! My mobile is 07828455576 and my email address is