"I'm so

chuffed with the pictures”


I loved every minute of it!”

"I have been

incredibly pleased with the results”

"Her passion for her work reflects on the

quality of her work”

"her photos are

so beautiful and natural”

"she has a

fabulous approach”

"It is a fun yet

relaxed atmosphere”

Happiness is on the way!

There is something so magical about being pregnant. It’s a time when you’re filled with excitement, joy and anticipation. I try to make my pregnancy photography capture this ethereal beautiful experience. Most mums I know say that they mainly have iPhone selfies of themselves when they were pregnant! That’s probably why professional maternity photography is so cherishable. It may even be more special when down the line mums show their children these gorgeous pictures of when they were pregnant with them.

Some useful pregnancy photography FAQs


You can book your pregnancy photo shoot anytime after your 20 week scan. There is no right or wrong time to have a pregnancy photo shoot. Every mum-to-be’s body is different and every bump is different too. As a rough guide, I ideally recommend between 6-7 months but photos done a few weeks before giving birth can look beautiful too.



STUDIO PREGNANCY PHOTOGRAPHY: In my studio, I’m able to use a variety of techniques based on the look you’re going for. I can use natural light from my bright windows (provided we don’t the shoot in the evening!). I also have dark and light backgrounds that we can shoot against to get striking photos. 

LIFESTYLE PREGNANCY PHOTOGRAPHY:  This is a particularly popular type of photo shoot when the weather is nice. Pregnancy photos in the spring have a magical feeling to them. I try to take relaxed, natural photos and we can meet in one of the parks near Twickenham for some lovely photos. Taking them first thing in the morning or near sunset means you can get the soft sun too.

If you’d rather have photos in your home, that’s OK too!


That’s one of the first things I get asked as a pregnancy photographer! To answer that I ask mums the type of photos they are looking for and whether or not they want to expose their bump. Because my style is natural and relaxed, we discuss the type of outfits they already have. I’ve also got long draping lace and satin-effect material that we can use for studio photos. I suggest the following as a starting point for what to wear / bring on the day

  • black leggings with black tank top – this is great for studio photos!
  • translucent wrap
  • medium/long tight fitting maxi-style dress
  • any newborn outfits to put in the photos, along with ultrasound scans

You can either call (07828455576) or email me (andisheh@andishehthomsonphotography.com) to chat about your session. If you’d like to book one of my timed specials (for pregnancy photos a 60 minute sessions is suitable), you can do that by going to my booking page by clicking HERE

My pregnancy photography fees

My fees depend on how much flexibility you’d like for locations and dates. If you’re happy to go with the pre-selected dates and locations, book a timed session. 60 minute timed sessions are perfect for pregnancy photography and they take place at regular intervals throughout the year.  If you’d prefer more flexibility for times and locations, book a Full Session. They take place in my Twickenham Green studio, in one of the parks near Richmond or in the comfort of your home. For more details look at the price table below or go to my PRICES page.

DID YOU KNOW… Andisheh gives you £100 off a newborn shoot when you book at the same time as a pregnancy session? This can be used against the booking fee, products, digital downloads or even bespoke props that you can take home with you!

Examples of my pregnancy photography style

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