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pre-school and nursery photography

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Let’s have fun! 

Beautiful pre-school or nursery photography makes parents appreciate the care shown to their children. Babies and children look adorable in their photos. I make life easier for childcare providers by taking a flexible approach – I can provide my fine-art mobile photo studio or take professional photos using natural light indoors or outdoors. I have an easy to use ordering system with online options as well.

Headteachers can also take advantage of my experience to get some excellent photos for marketing materials. The photos will reflect the wonderful experience the children are having. Perfect for brochures to show prospective parents.

If you’re a primary school looking for pictures of your pupils, I can also provide school photos.

Get in touch HERE to discuss your requirements with me. 

How I provide flexibility for nurseries and pre-schools

Four useful approaches

  • Accounting for poor weather: I offer the option of using my fine-art mobile photo studio indoors should bad weather be a concern. This means you don’t need to worry about it raining!
  • Giving schools a choice of photography style: If you’re looking for more traditional photography, I recommend that nurseries choose my fine-art professional studio photography. If you’re looking for a more relaxed style of photography, natural light is the way to go.
  • Offering easy to order system: I provide printed proofs and an easy-to-follow ordering form for parents. An online ordering system is also available if nurseries/pre-schools prefer to have that option as well.
  • Accounting for ill children or absences: I always schedule a back-up date so that children who are ill or absent won’t miss out. It’s usually booked exactly a week later.

To help parents prepare for their child’s photo shoot, nurseries can share some useful advice I’ve written HERE.

Nursery and pre-school fees

I create an order form and proof card that parents use to decide what photos they want to purchase. Please get in touch to see an example.

For professional photography for marketing materials, my fees depend on the amount of time needed. Most schools require 2-3 hours to produce an ample and diverse selection of photos. Please get in touch for more information.

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