"She has a

lovely nature with kids”

"Andisheh has a

fabulous approach!”

"Pictures to

Treasure forever”

"She captured some

Really lovely moments”

"Andisheh is an

outstanding photographer”

"Her work is


"Andisheh did an

Absolutely brilliant job”

Some families tell me the only professional photos they have of their children are from their nursery or preschool

That’s why being a nursery photographer is so important for me and why parents really cherish the photos I take of their little ones. I’ve even written a blog about how administrators can get the best out of their preschool photographer. I specialise in getting natural photographs that capture children’s sweet personalities at this wonderful stage of their lives. I do this either using my mini studio to provide fine art portraits or natural light while the children are playing. Some nurseries ask me to do both type of pictures at different times of the year. This means they can have natural images of the children indoors or outdoors, as well as lovely studio portraits.


I became a nursery photographer when my daughter started pre-school

I was really excited when my daughter was old enough to go to pre-school. There were so many things for her to learn and she made some lovely friends. I immediately wanted to expand my family photography work to include nurseries and preschools as a result.

For every nursery or pre-school I photograph, I provide proofs and an order form. I also upload every child’s photos to a password protected gallery where families can choose from a larger range of digital and print packages. All families I photograph get discounts for family, pregnancy or newborn baby photo shoots they subsequently do with me.

Examples of my nursery photography style