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I can’t help but think that parents have never been so busy

I don’t remember my parents scheduling every part of my day when I was a child. But, somehow, I find myself doing the exact thing for my daughter. If you’re anything like me, between balancing work and home life, it seems like I’ve got very little time left over!

So when it comes to things I’ve been meaning to do, like plan a spring photo shoot in the park for own my family, I sometimes don’t get a chance to organise it far in advance.

This made me think…  is a spring photoshoot in the park a good idea for busy parents?

The short answer is yes, if a few simple things are in place first.

1. Keep the park photo shoot sessions relatively short

happy boy picking flowers

As an outdoor photographer, my family photo shoot in the park are between 45 minutes and an hour.

I know that some families may prefer longer sessions, but I don’t think children (particularly those under 5) have the energy to go more than an hour.

As a busy parent, an hour is also the perfect amount of time for me to block out of my day.

2. AIM for the morning

It’s funny how a lot of parents are not morning people, but I know of very few children that aren’t!

Mornings are a time of energy and fun for children, particularly small children.

That’s why almost all my family photo shoots in the park are in the morning.

smiling baby being held by mother in Richmond Park family photos

Having photo shoots in the morning also means the families can then get on their day and don’t need to stop whatever their doing to come to an afternoon photo shoot.

3. Online booking

I love being able to give parents the opportunity to select a date and time in only a couple of clicks.

girl playing on log in park

By using an online calendar, I enable parents to quickly select and book their time slot in less then 5 minutes!

Parents don’t have to wait for me to come back to them with suitable dates. It’s all in front of them in an easy to use booking system.

You can see all the dates in one glance. It’s also made my life easier as a photographer because all my bookings are right there online for me to view.

You can also see what dates are available if you need to re-arrange due to illness/bad weather.

Here’s the online gallery below I use for families to book a spring photo shoot in the park…

Oh, and if you want to book one right now, use the calendar above to select a date/time and this voucher code to get £20 off my booking fee: SPRING20. 

Hope you found this post useful!

Andisheh x



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