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​There’s nothing cuter than a photos of a sleeping newborn baby

Feeling stressed out? There’s so much bad news all around us that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. But do you know what can make you feel better? Looking at pictures of newborn babies sleeping!

WARNING: If you are worried about being broody, don’t read this article. Just putting it together has made me really broody. You’ve been warned!

All of these babies were photographed in my studio on Twickenham Green or in the comfort of their home. 

Sometimes the babies slept through the entire photo shoot and other times they only slept for about 20 minutes. Either way, I think you’d agree the photos are really cute.

This baby was stretching while asleep! It makes me want to stretch out as well!

newborn baby stretching

And here’s a smiling baby being cuddled by her mum

smiling baby being held by mother

While she’s asleep we notice how small her feet are!

newborn baby feet

He’s so cute while we set up for photos with his baby brother

big brother preparing to hold baby brother

He’s so happy to be a big brother!

big brother and little brother

Just look at that little button nose!

closer up of newborn baby sleeping

He looks so cute with this hands under his cheek

sleeping baby with hand under cheek

The close ups of little newborn faces are delicious

newborn baby sleeping

Completely asleep and completely adored by mum

Mother holding newborn baby

He’s so tiny

tiny baby in daddy's arms

What adventures these two are going to have!

older sibling with baby sister

So safe in daddy’s arms

baby held by father

What a big yawn!

baby yawning

If you’d like to see more photos of newborn babies, be sure to see my newborn baby portfolio page with tons of pictures!

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