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This family visited my Twickenham photo studio with their beautiful newborn baby and his older sibling

Babies grow at such an incredible rate that parents are keen to capture those first few days with some beautiful photos. This family recently had a newborn baby and wanted beautiful newborn baby and family photos. The baby’s older brother was there two and the photos were natural and relaxed.

I was able to get 4 different types of photos for them


1. the newborn baby on his own  

baby boy sleeping

sleeping newborn baby

I set up a special area in my studio where there is an abundance of natural light coming through the window. It was a lovely bright day when I photographed this family so the newborn baby photos were so natural and gentle. I also had a little heater in the room to make sure it was nice and warm. This helped him fall asleep and be nice and relaxed.

The advantage of coming to my studio is that I have an abundance of natural light so the photos turn ouT gentle and beautiful.

2. Photos of mum and dad with their baby boy

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing events of anyone’s life and these photos show the tender emotion between parent and child.

With this family, I wanted to take photos of the mum on her own with the baby and also the dad on his own with the baby. I tried to vary the lighting for the photos so they had a range of different styles to mix and match and put up around the house.


dad with newborn baby

mum with newborn baby



3. Sibling and newborn baby photos  

newborn baby with older brother


One of the cutest photos I took during this session was when the baby was with his older brother.  They are so different in size that there is something really special about this photo.  

In this photo, I should mention that while this lovely brother loved holding his baby brother on his lap his parents were immediately off camera and ready to jump in if needed!  

the photos you have of siblings holder their new baby brother/sister are ones that will be cherished for years to come!  

4. The whole family together


family with newborn baby boy


Of all the photos I take of families, the ones with everyone together are some of the most popular. This family was so happy during their shoot that the photos radiated love and joy. 

If you’re expecting and want to have some newborn baby photos done, I’d love to hear from you. You can have your session in my studio on Twickenham Green or in the comfort of your own home.

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