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What’s my number 1 tip for Father’s day gifts?

A few years ago I decided I only want to get Father’s day gifts for my husband that he’ll use every day. I also realised that for me, photography was the answer.

Over the years I’ve bought my fair share of gifts for my husband. Like most people, he likes getting gifts. Who doesn’t? A lot of things are proudly displayed in the living room but let’s be honest. Eventually everything is quietly stored away neatly in a drawer. Sure, they’re kept safe for the future, but they’re soon forgotten unfortunately. I have to admit that the list is not very exciting: ties, novelty gifts, books etc. 

So my top tip for picking a gift for Father’s day is to let him see every day how much you care.

Part of that is having a gift that he’ll use or see every day. It’s as simple as that. I sometimes feel my husband needs a daily reminder. This can become even more important when children don’t necessarily live full-time with their father. It’s also a great reminder of appreciation for grandparents who don’t see their grandchildren all the time.


The tricky part of this gift is finding something that will last the test of time.

That’s where photography wins its place for me.

This is partly because I live and breathe photography, but also because my husband seems to appreciate it more than anything else I get him. 

As a Southwest London family photographer I have a lot of photo ideas for Father’s day

Here are my top suggestions if you want to try photography as a lasting gift he’ll enjoy every day.

Mini photo sessions of your child. Get the picture framed and have your child write a card to go with it. I’ve got a mini-session specifically for Father’s Day in my Twickenham Green Studio… see more info here:

Gift certificate of a family photo shoot where he gets pictures of himself together with the kids (as well as a family shot of course!)

A mug with your pictures on them – my husband uses his almost every day and loves it. 

Your family may have something else you love doing together and I highly suggest finding something that he can use very often and something that’s enduring too.