Are mini photo shoots a good idea?

If you’ve wanted to have photos taken of your little one, but were not really sure about how to go about it then mini photo shoots may be for you. When I run them they are usually 10min sessions at local play cafe’s (e.g. Frankie and Flo’s play cafe) or Mums2mums markets) or in my Twickenham Green studio (pssst… see here for next ones I’m doing). They’re fast paced and lots of fun and there are some advantages and disadvantages of doing them. The pictures on this post were all taken at a mum’s market.

What are 3 main advantages of doing mini photo shoots?

1. It’s easier for kids

Some children find sessions longer than 15-30 minutes quite tiring and lose patience after that amount of time. Shorter sessions give them enough time to pose without getting annoyed at the process. You won’t find yourself annoyed either! Of course, the reverse is also true and your children may need more time to warm up to a photographer.

2. Get a taster of the photographer’s work

You may want to do a longer session but want to meet the photographer first and see what they are like. Mini photo shoots give you the chance to do this. Let’s say you want to get some newborn pictures or have me photograph a special occasion. By booking a mini session you can see me at work and see my style. Quite a lot of families book longer sessions after doing mini photo shoots with me.

3. They are less expensive

If you choose the right photographer, you can get some stunning pictures for the fraction of the cost of a larger photo shoot.

What are the 3 main disadvantages of doing mini photo shoots?

1. You may feel rushed and wish you had more time.

If you have more than one child, you may not have enough time to get individual portraits of them and you and you may wish you had a longer session.

2. Being only 5-10min long, you don’t get that many pictures (about 5-20).

It makes sense that longer sessions mean more photos for you to use to decorate your house! It also means different combinations of family members and different poses

3. Most mobile studios photographers use usually aren’t great for more than 2 individuals at a time

Although this isn’t really a problem it just means that it’s not ideal for family photos or when you have more then 2 children.

Below are some example photos from a mini session

beautiful toddler having a photo shoot in a bucket
sweet girl looking at camera
smiling boy sitting in antique chair
happy sisters
happy boy looking at camera
mum with daughter in her arms
family photography session smiling boy
Young girl smiling pose on rug by nursery photographer in Teddington
Teddington mini family photography shoot