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Although the COVID-19 lockdown measures will be eased in England soon, schools won’t be able to hold Summer Fairs. These fairs are often the greatest means of fundraising for Parent Teach Associations (PTAs). As a result, schools have to be more creative this year when it comes to raising money. I have put these 5 steps together to help PTAs raise money by working with local photographers. Mini photo shoot sessions is a great way to raise some money with little effort from the PTA apart from advertising the sessions.

Working with a family photographer can be a great fundraising idea for schools

1. Find a photographer that specialises in families

Although it can be tempting to ask a friend that likes photography to run the sessions for you, it will prove to be essential to find a photographer that has experience with children. Because the sessions need to be short (see below), using a photographer that has a lot of experience with children mean that the photos will turn out much better as they will know how to interact with children and capture them at their best. From personal experience, I can tell you that my photos of children when I was first starting out are no way near as good as the ones I take now!

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2. Hold the sessions outdoors in a local park

I’m not sure what else to say about this except for it makes sense to do as indoor photos are not going to be possible for a while. It also means that families can enjoy their time in the park before or afterwards. Picking a local park near to the school will make it easier to get to. I choose one that also has a car park for families that are driving to the location.

3. Have the photographer set up online bookings and online photo galleries

By keeping as much of the admin online, it’s easier for the photographer to keep track of the bookings and easier for parents to schedule a session for themselves. I use a system where all the payments are made online – booking the spot and also for payment of the photos.

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4. Keep the sessions short

The reason that mini sessions are so affordable is that they are short and several can be done in one day. I keep mine to 15minutes (with 5 minutes between sessions) and aim to produce 20 images in total.

5. Make it clear how much of the fee is going back to the school

Because main motivating factor for doing these sessions is to raise money for the school, it’s important that parents know exactly how much us going back to the school. I typically give £20 for every gallery purchased back to the school. My goal is to raise £100-300 per fundraiser.

However the sessions are organised, they should be done according to social distancing guidance. This includes keeping enough distance and ensuring the photographer doesn’t bring any props to share.

Want more info or help?

If you’re thinking of organising mini photo shoots for your school and want more support, feel free to get in touch. if I can do the photo shoots for you, I will. I may be able to suggest other photographers that would be closer to you.

Contact me HERE, ring/text me on 07828455576 or email me on [email protected].

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