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There’s an old italian saying… ‘if nothing’s going well, call your grandmother”

The answer always seems to rest with them. My grandparents house in Victoria, British Columbia Canada was the central point for my entire family. We celebrated every important event at there – with countless birthday cakes over the years and the most delicious Persian food I’ve ever eaten. Maybe more significantly, we spent all of our ‘un-important’ days there too. Average afternoons, where one-by-one my cousins, aunts and uncles, would pop in during the day to see how my grandparents were doing, maybe grab a bite to eat and then go on their way. This was an informal routine that went on for years. The house was never empty. It wasn’t until I moved away to the UK that I really understood the value of the time I spent in their house. When families book a photo shoot on the occasion of a grandparent’s birthday or anniversary, I know that these photos are some of the most treasured ones the family will have. I wanted to share with you a small selection of some of my favourite grandparent family photo shoots.

INTERESTING FACT: 72% think being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life

There was a lot of love and affection between these two!

This photo was taken in Kingston-upon-Thames during a Christmas family gathering

There are always lots of laughs when grandparents are around!

This family did two photo shoots – the second one was specifically for the grandparents!

Outdoor photos with grandparents meant that we could include extended family

This family was celebrating their grandparents anniversary. The whole family came out for this photo shoot in Bushy Park, including the family dog!

Bushy Park, Teddington is one of my favourite places for outdoor photo shoots

The parks near where I live in Twickenham are so lovely. Who can resist a photoshoot there?!

I always encourage Grandparents to join a newborn photo shoot in my Twickenham Green studio

This gorgeous little newborn was only a week old and slept so soundly in grandmother’s arms. When my daughter was born, she used to sleep more soundly in my mum’s arms than mine!

On a sombre note, just before Valentine’s day last year I lost my grandfather, Abbas Forghani.

We had just celebrated his 100th birthday and shortly after he caught pneumonia and passed away. It was really hard for my whole family. I wasn’t able to be there for his last moments but am so grateful that I was able to spend most of my life around him. There were so many wonderful ways that he showed love and care to his grandchildren – mainly in the form of sweets and chocolate. I miss you Agha joon! This picture was taken in the early 2000s with all my grandfather’s granddaughters. I’m on the very left.

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