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Don’t worry! I photograph newborn babies of all ages

Newborn baby photography is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Newborn photographers normally insist that babies are less than 2 weeks old so the photos they take have lovely sleeping babies in them. While being under 2 weeks old means the baby is tiny and sleepy, you can still get some lovely photos with older babies. While you may not get many sleepy poses if the baby is more than a couple of weeks old, if you find the right photographer, the photos will be great. Take this baby for example that visited my newborn photography studio in Southwest London. What a gorgeous little thing!

This little darling was 3 months old when he visited my photography studio in Southwest London


My newborn baby photography studio in Twickenham is perfect for natural light photography

It makes taking natural photos easy and timeless. The most important thing when I take photos is to make sure the baby is happy. Sessions take up to 3 hours and we take the cue from the baby as to what we do next. If they are relaxed and happy I can photograph them on my newborn baby photography beanbag. I put soft blankets on it to make baby comfortable. If they’d rather be cuddled by mum or dad, we can take gorgeous pictures that way as well. We also take plenty of breaks to feed baby and change nappies. Nothing is rushed when it comes to baby photography photos.

If you’d like a newborn session with me, get in touch to see my availability.

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Safety is a top priority – I never put the baby in poses that are unnatural or uncomfortable

Safe working practices are vital when working around children and babies. I’ve taken first aid training and as a mother myself, I know how important this is. The baby’s comfort is my main priority.

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