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Have a large family and want to book a photo shoot? Here’s how a session works…

Imagine this scenario… you’ve got a large family and have the grandparents and other family members visiting from out of town for a special occasion (let’s say for a birthday). It’s a rare opportunity to have everyone together at the same time in the same place. You then get a bright idea! While we have the family together, let’s get some professional family photos taken because how often is everyone together like this for a family photo shoot?

But how does it work? I wanted to answer the most common questions in this article.

1. Where do they take place?

I’m based in Twickenham, which is in South West London, in the borough of Richmond-up-Thames. It’s a beautiful part of London and there are so many beautiful places for family photo shoots.

Having photo shoots outdoors is ideal for large extended families.

One of my favourite secret locations is Radnor Gardens in Strawberry Hill. It’s a quiet location which is perfect for larger groups because there’s so much space and a lot of different areas to photograph.

mother and baby together

family group photo

family photo by the river

2. What happens if it rains for an outdoor shoot?

That’s a great question and almost every family will ask me that. In the UK, the weather can be unpredictable so it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan.

Luckily I have my photo studio nearby (just 2 minutes away on Twickenham Green) and we can always relocate there if the weather is not cooperating.

There have been occasions where we’ve pressed on even though there’s been a little a bit of rain (as long as we have umbrellas!)

family photo in the rain

3. How many people can be in the group photos?

If we hare having the photo shoot outdoors, then you can have as many as you like. The good thing about Radnor gardens is that you can have pets there too with you. 

Having everyone photographed at one time means you got a huge variety of pictures because you can photograph individual families and different combinations.

large family group photo

girl in park

family sitting by the water


4. How do we coordinate clothes / outfits?

This can sometimes feel tricky when it’s a large group but actually you just need to follow some very simple principles. What I suggest is that with big groups, you try to have light colour tops and dark coloured bottoms. Dresses are lovely to wear too if they aren’t too bright or have distracting patters. That way there is some consistency with what you’re wearing amongst the group. I always suggest avoiding large logos and overly bright colours in general.

adult siblings with mum

boy climbing in the playground

5. How to book a spot?

That’s the easy part. Just get in touch (call my mobile on 07828455576) or see what availability I have by going to my booking page

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