Kew is a magical place to be for family photography sessions

For a lot of people Kew is synonymous with Kew Gardens. Most families living nearby probably have a family season’s pass. This means that in the middle of a busy suburb, its possible to get a way from it all and roam one of the most beautiful and large gardens in the country. There are a lot of things for children to do in Kew Gardens and it’s also a lovely place for a family photo shoot. If you’re heart is set on Richmond Park, that’s not far either.

My newborn baby photography studio in Twickenham Green is only 15 minutes away.  It’s a lovely space, full of natural light. Being located on Twickenham Green also means that if you’re there for a newborn photography session, any family members can go for a short walk while l’m photographing the baby. Well, until it’s there turn to be photographed with the newborn!

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