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Does the timing matter for when a newborn photography session takes place?

Want the simple answer? Well, it depends on you!

To be honest, there’s never really a WRONG time to photograph a newborn baby. What new parents may not know, however, is that the type of photos you end up with depends on how old the baby is during the photo shoot.

It all has to do with whether you want awake photos of your baby or sleepy pictures of them.

That’s where parents differ. While they all want photos of their baby at its tiniest, some parents are keener on photos where their baby is asleep and posed cutely. Others are more interested in seeing some of the baby’s personality and therefore having the baby awake for some, if not all of the session. And yes, you can see some of the baby’s personality come through even when they’re tiny. This preference also influences whether they should have photos at home or in a newborn photographer’s studio.

The type of photos parents want is the biggest influencer for determining the right and wrong time for doing the photos.

I’ve created a little check list for when you can figure out to have a newborn baby photo shoot.

Here’s my rough guide to what’s possible at different times AFTER BIRTH:

0-14 days old:
sleepy poses?YES
awake poses?YES
2-4 weeks:
sleepy poses?MAYBE
awake poses?YES
1-3 months:
awake poses?DEFINITELY!


So, if you’re after sleepy poses, arrange a photo shoot to take place about a week after birth. It’s best to book before you give birth as it’s sometimes hard to find a photographer if you leave it until after the birth.

Here are a few photos to compare of babies that are less than 2 weeks old versus ones that between 1-3 months old

These babies are all under 2 weeks old

Newborn babies less than 2 weeks old

These babies are all between 1-3 months old

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