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How do we make Halloween, well, not suck this year?

Here are 10 things you can do this year instead of Trick or treating

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a hard year, and it’s not over yet. Nothing can compare to the hardship some families have experienced. Children across the country are missing out on having regular childhoods because of social distancing – doing all the things they’d normally be doing. For us, that includes Halloween trick-or-treating. So here are some ideas for how you can try to still make Halloween fun without having to do the traditional trick-or-treating. 

I’ve broken it down into whether you are happy to do something outside of the house or if you want to stay at home.

Socially distancing Halloween ideas for leaving the house


If you’ve decided you want to do a safe version of trick-or-treating but aren’t actually going to go trick-or-treating, here’s some ideas for you. 

1. TRY a Halloween Pumpkin Trail 

The idea for this is that you go into your neighbourhood and search for pumpkins on people’s porches or drawn versions in a window. This forms a trail and there are loads of games and treats that you can incorporate into your trail. For example, you could give each pumpkin a score and see which house wins. You could also give your child a ‘treat’ every time they see a pumpkin!


As far as I’m aware, it seems like the idea come from a children’s art company called ARTventurers. The idea has gone viral and they’ve also created a Facebook group to help families coordinate it and get ideas. Here’s the link:

Stamptastic, run by a friend of mine, has provided some free colouring in sheet downloads so you have something to do and stick it to your window. Here’s the link to download it:


2. Prepare a trivia of your road.

One of my friends in Scotland told me about an idea her child’s school is doing. They are putting together a treasure trail so the kids can still go out dressed up. It will have questions like “how many witches hats are at 24 New Street” or “what colour are the pumpkins at 52 Old Street”. If this sounds like too much entertainment for you, you can always do a simpler version. Go and walk around your neighbourhood and see if you can spot some questions about houses you can ask your children (e.g. who has the a gnome in their garden) and then get them to fill it in. You could rope in a few local families too.


3. Put treats on a rope outside your home

Admittedly this idea is more for the benefit of other people rather than your own family but your children will enjoy putting this together. The idea is that you use rope and pegs to hang up pre-rpso that children passing by during the day can still get some treats. I’m thinking about doing this early in the day and making sure that I keep stocks up!


4. Deliver Halloween Party bags to classmates

I really like this idea because it means my daughter can go visit friends but also it doesn’t limit us to doing it when it’s dark and there are bound to be more people out. The idea is that you make your own Halloween Party bags or get them made by someone else.

If you mix it with a zoom call later in the day you can try to do some of that ‘at home’ activities below with classmates.

Resources: Locally to me here in Twickenham, there’s a woman who makes Sweet mixes (LINK here:


5. Book a Halloween mini photo shoot

I’ve got a throw in a plug for one of my photo shoots at some point don’t I!? ha ha. I’m organising mini sessions in Twickenham in a hall next to St.Stephen’s church partly as a fundraiser for local schools/groups. Doing a mini photo shoot means that you won’t miss out on beautiful photos of your children, particularly if they are very young and it’s their first, second or third Halloween. You can see the details here:




6. Autumn walks in National Trust Sites over half term

Ok so this is technically not a Halloween theme but if you get the kids to dress up while you go for a walk you may get some really cute photos in an amongst the changing leaves. You can see the best places for walks in National Trust sites near us by going here:

If you’re spending Halloween inside at Home


7. Get crafty!

Spend the day at home doing craft stuff. It seems as though Halloween is almost made for those of us who like doing crafts. There’s so much you can do.


A quick google search will help you come up with loads of ideas. Also check out Baker Ross. There are tons of ideas there. Here’s their link:

8. Do a candy hunt

The idea here is that you do the equivalent of an Easter Egg hunt except it’s for Halloween and it’s to hunt candy indoors. My one tip would be to only do pre-wrapped items and be sure to know exactly where you hid things. The last thing you want is to find candy a year later all mouldy! Or, worse still, attract unwanted visitors (if you know what I mean!) 

Make it even more fun by turning off the lights and using a glow stick to find the candy! When I told my daughter this idea she insisted we do it!


9. Get the adults to dress up

Seriously though, of all the things I’ve listed here, it’s this one that the children will remember most about Halloween when they think about it in years to come. Not the candy, or the crafts. It’s the fact that mum and dad also dressed up! So get planning!


10. Have a zoom party with Classmates/ friends

I’m planning on hosting a short zoom party with my daughter’s friends so they can show their costumes to each other and do a few online games. I haven’t figured out exactly what we are going to do but I’m sure it will be fun. Note to self: google some ideas!


BONUS! Eat loads of candy and watch a movie

Ok, this is the default position I think we’ll all take. And you know what, it’s a good one!


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