Most young children, including twins, are full of fun and energy.

As a children’s photographer based in Twickenham, a very family friendly part of South West London, I want to take advantage of this.

When it comes to having a photo shoot with twins, the challenge is mainly about logistics.

How do you go about capturing both of them together? both of them having fun? and (hopefully) both of them looking where you want them to look? The answer is pretty simple. Take documentary style photos.

Twins looking back

As a photographer, I normally take images that can be a mix of lightly choreographed ones and also natural documentary style photos.

But with young children that are active, particularly twins, it’s so much better to make the family photo shoot a predominately documentary styled one.

Documentary style photography for me is when I don’t heavily choreograph or pose the photos – I watch what the children are doing and photograph them just having fun.

twins playing in the park

It means that I don’t worry about whether both children are looking or doing the same thing. Sometimes all I do is ask them to do specific things, like to look for bugs in a log or rest their hands somewhere.

By incorporating a relaxed documentary approach, the twins will also enjoy the photo shoot more and the pictures will look better.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have quiet moments where I’m able to take portraits of the twins individually.

When I’ve  finished photographing the twins together, I try to encourage a few quiet moments to focus on each child individually.

twin posing for the camera

Quiet moments are also a good time during the photo shoot to capture images with the rest of the family.

Ok, so this isn’t documentary style, but doing a group shot is something parents will really treasure. So, I like to start or end a family photo shoot this way.

Family with twins

Here’s a Facebook live about my techniques for how to photograph active twins.

If you’ve got active twins, I’d love to know what activities they like to do together and any advice you have about other ways to keep them engaged and interested in a photo shoot. 

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