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Yup! I’m having a flash sale on newborn photography! 

Newborn baby photography is such a great way to remember just how small your baby is when they’re born. The first few weeks of a baby’s life pass in a little bit of a blur and capturing this time with photography is something parents will never regret doing. It’s literally a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

I want to make it easier for parents to fit this into the first few days of their baby’s life so I am running a FLASH SALE on my newborn photography.

I’m giving 40% off my booking fee until 1st October

It doesn’t matter when you’re baby is due! As long as you book it by 1st October.

Interested? All you need to do is…

Get in touch to discuss how it works (call me on 07828455576 or email me: [email protected]. 


Use this voucher code on the link below an you’ll get 40% off and then pick the date closest to the due date of your baby: 40BABY

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