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As family photography goes, mini sessions are a great way to get some fantastic pictures


I run them in Teddington and the surrounding areas.


They’re a great deal of fun too. My mini sessions are ideal for any age, including babies. With this blog, I wanted to share some of the most popular poses I get children to take when I photograph them. This girl was lovely and the last of the mini shoots I did that day in a series of mini sessions at Frankie and Flo’s Play cafe in Teddington. Here are a few poses I tried out with her. Keep in mind I only had 10 minutes with her!


1. Sitting down with some (Valentine’s day) props


I tend not to use many props during my sessions as I think simplicity is the best. But, that’s not to say that I don’t include any props in my sessions! Here I gave her an oversized heart cushion and some red themed bunting. Just holding the cushion makes the picture really sweet.


children's photographer doing mini sessions in Teddington


2. The sleeping bunny pose – children are lying on the floor on their tummies while I photograph them


When children are about 2 years old, this is probably one of my favourite poses. I have a theory that children love any activity that’s close to the ground, which may be why kids love this photography pose too. When I’m in Teddington doing the mini photo shoots, more often than not, parents will ask me to do this pose if they’ve come with pre-school age children.


Children photography in Teddington


3. Standing holding a prop – or not!


With children that are about 3 years and up, I love this pose. If they are wearing trousers, I tell them to put one hand in their pocket. Sometimes I get them to hold a prop in their hands. I make sure that I’m just a little bit above eye level when I photograph them and I also move my studio lights a bit higher too. The colours really complemented each other in this photo too.


Children photography in Teddington


4. My gorgeous antique rocking chair


When I saw this rocking chair, I instantly fell in love. It was at local action (for those of you in Twickenham, it was at High Road Auction that sadly closed down 2 years ago). I didn’t buy it as a prop for my photography but for my daughter. The poor thing has barely had a chance to use it because it’s been one of my most popular props. Ask any reluctant 2 year old to get on a rocking chair and all of a sudden you have a willing model! I also use it as a way to take close up portraits.


Children photography in TeddingtonChildren photography in Teddington


I’m always interested in different play groups / events or schools that would like to have me do some mini sessions for them.


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