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is your child having their first holy communion this year?

here’s what to do to get great pictures from the official Communion photographer 

Over the past few years I’ve photographed hundreds of children during their First Holy Communion celebrations in parishes around Twickenham. It’s a time when families come together and celebrate a really wonderful occasion.

I wanted to give parents some advice for how they can make the best use of the official First Communion photographer to get some truly cherished photos.

1. can you arrive early to get portraits done?

I get to the church about an hour before the Communion is due to officially start. This not only gives me time to get my equipment ready but also to photograph families that arrive early.

By arriving early, families also have a chance for me to take individual portraits of their children without too many people around. 

Of course, I always stay afterwards to take portraits of children. But, by getting there early  you don’t need to wait around afterwards if you have to rush off.


2. remind children to walk at a relaxed pace

As well as taking portraits before and after the Communion, for some churches, I also photograph the ceremony itself. At times there can be quite a lot of movement while children come up to get their certificate or come up to say their readings.

This is a great time to take their picture.

It’s great when children walk at a relaxed (rather than rushed) pace so that I can take some lovely pictures of them.

So remind your children to try not to rush. This boy below was going at the perfect pace!



3. Don’t forget to get family photos!

What a better way to celebrate than with a group photo? But be sure to let everyone in your family know you’re thinking of doing this. Make sure you tell the photographer you want a group picture so they know to look for you.

When everyone knows you’re going to take a group picture, it’s easier and quicker to get everyone together for the photograph. 

This is particularly true if you do it after the Communion.



4. let’s not forget sibling and friend photos

It’s not often that you have children dressed up in their best attire.

A friend once told me that her son’s First Communion was probably the last time she will see him in a suit before he gets married! 

Multiply that by how many children you have and the odds are getting smaller and smaller that they’ll all be dressed up so well. So, make sure you get siblings together for a beautiful professional photo.

Pictures with their friends is also something they’ll love to see when they’re older

You can do this immediately before or after I take your group family photo.

friends at Holy Communion

5. Talk to the photographer

It really helps for me to know who is planning on staying afterwards to have their photo taken. It means that I can look out for you and get your photos done as soon as possible.

I often have a badge saying that I’m the professional photographer (although with my huge camera around my neck, it’s hard to miss me!)

Official photographer for first communion

6. Order your photos sooner rather than later

For all the Communions I photograph the images are uploaded online to a password protected gallery. But they aren’t kept online indefinitely. Every year I have a few requests from parents that haven’t yet ordered their photos after the gallery has been archived.

To make sure the photos aren’t archived before you order your photos, try to order within 2-3 weeks of the gallery being made available.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful!

If you have any questions or want to book me for your parish’s First Holy Communion, feel free to call (07828455576) or email me ([email protected])

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