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As a newborn baby photographer one of the first questions parents ask is advice for where the photo shoot should take place.

Hi, I’m Andisheh and I am a baby photographer in Twickenham, South West London. Before I photograph a family’s newborn baby they need to decide where to have a newborn baby photo shoot – do they want to come to my studio or have session in their home? Some photographers only shoot in the studio while some only come to your home. I’m an expert in both locations but sometimes the decision for where to have a photo shoot isn’t clear cut for parents.

In this article (and video below!) I interview 2 mums on how they decided on where to have their newborn baby photo session.

One mum came to my studio and I came to the home of the second mum. They share with me the reasons why they chose the location of their newborn photo shoot.


The advantages of having a newborn baby photo shoot in a professional photography studio

Hear from Leigh from Richmond-upon-Thames

“I think was really just convenience. We knew that we had a time booked it was easier to get there, we didn’t have to worry about our house being an order, we knew the lighting was going to be good and it’s just really about ease for us I suppose, and also I think luckily for us Andisheh’s  studio has kind of a homely feel so it’s not my just a backdrop and it’s got a sofa and it looks like it could be in your home which you know, so it’s the best of both worlds for us”


The advantages of having a newborn baby photo shoot at home

Hear from Lisa from Teddington

“We had Eve at home in the and we don’t know how long we would be living in the house so we thought would be nice to have a photographic reminder of where she was born. And then also I’ve got three old girls we want it’s be included it was important for us so that makes six of us plus my husband’s parents were down. So we had a total of eight people that were going to be photographed, so it just made sense instead of moving everyone to have the photos done here”

Hopefully that will just help you decide where you find it more appropriate to have your newborn photos taken.

If you’re thinking of having a newborn baby photo shoot, I would love to hear from you. Give me a ring and I can answer any questions you may have about it. My number is 07828455576

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