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Why is Christmas a great time for family studio shoots?

I’ve got 3 reasons!

1. Photos can be put up year round as well as used on Christmas cards.

Children grow so quickly that many families use the run up to Christmas as a time to get family photos.

Most families think of it as a way to get photos to put on Christmas cards.

But if you get a photo shoot with a photographer that can use props for part of the session, the photos taken without themed props can be put up around the house year long!

2. They make great gifts that family members will love (particularly grandparents).

It’s a win-win situation because you get wonderful photos of your children and also get unique gifts to give family members. I’m specifically thinking of grandparents that will love nothing better then photos of their grandchildren! I’ve stopped getting my parents anything else as gifts!

3. They make great Christmas Gifts for families that don’t mind celebrating early.

I’ve had several families book a photo shoot before Christmas as a gift to themselves or someone else. There’s no need to wait until after Christmas to get photos!


If you’d like to book a family photography session in my studio on Twickenham Green, you can choose from a 20 minute mini session or a 1 hour family session. See details below

Christmas joy photo of elf baby

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