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Want a sure way to succeed in life?

Follow someone who gets everything they want!

I’m talking about the only human beings on the planet that literally have people wiping their bottoms for them on a daily basis. Yes, I’m talking about toddlers! I meet a lot of them in my job as a newborn baby and family photographer and they are some of the most entertaining creatures on the plant. Some of the newest members of the human race know exactly what to do to succeed and here are their tips for how to do it!

1. Don’t take no for an answer

It’s awe inspiring how a toddler will persist in wanting something when they’ve been denied it. Or should I say, they want something more so as a result. As a toddler, my daughter used to stand by the swings in the park telling the current occupier to shorten their activity because she couldn’t accept that it was not, in fact, her own turn to be on it.

2. Get plenty of rest

There’s power napping and then there’s toddler napping. You can always spot those stay-at-home parents whose children have recently stopped their afternoon nap. They go from having a few hours of peace every day to get on with the chores of life, to trying to entertain a small child while getting housework done. Having a toddler around is perhaps the worst possible time to get chores done efficiently.

3. Delegate everything you possibly can, except what’s important to you.

Get virtually everyone around you to do almost everything for you – have someone cook for you, clean your house, entertain you etc. Make sure to keep the fun stuff for yourself of course. If you’re a toddler, you really can’t have someone else put your shoes on the wrong way around!

4. Question everything, all the time, repeatedly

Why accept ‘I don’t know’ as the answer to an impossible question when you can just ask ‘why’ over again and again? Why is it 9 o’clock? Why do people walk? Why is there a moon? Maybe this is more a pre-school thing to do rather than toddlers, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

5. If you don’t get your way, make a fuss

If you’ve lived with a toddler, and you’re anything like me, you’ll think this is the most effective means of getting what you want. I was never very good at dealing with my daughter when she had a melt down. Instead, I offered a lot of compromises and I think in the end, she got her way more often than not!

6. Use your charm

Or, in the case of a toddler, use your cute little face to look up at your parent, hoping they will give you one more treat. It works like a charm every time. Who could resist that adorable face?!

cute boy smiling while lying on his stomach

Any more tips I’ve missed?

Feel free to add any examples you may have! I’d love to hear your stories too!

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