Preschool and nursery photography

I photograph several nurseries and preschools every year and they are an absolute delight to do. It’s the time in a child’s life when the get to learn so many new skills and make new friendships. I capture their beautiful personalities while the children are playing in their natural settings or with my studio equipment.

My preschool and nursery photography covers Twickenham as well as neighbouring regions of Richmond upon Thames, Teddington, St Margarets, Kingston upon Thames, Chiswick and Hampton.

My studio is on Twickenham Green, above the popular Maple Leaf Pharmacy but for nursery photography I provide an onsite service. For me it’s a wonderful way to spend a day!

Fine art nursery photography // South West London

Nursery / pre-school administrators...why not try beautiful fine art portraits for your next nursery photos? or in other words Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Using artistic lighting, backdrops and editing techniques, fine-art portraits will not only...

3 tips for the best nursery photos

As an experienced nursery photographer, I'm writing this post specifically for nursery and pre-schools that want to get the best photos possible It's most likely that a nursery photographer will only spend a few minutes with every child that they photograph at...