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Is black and white family photography better?

I’m a family photographer working in Richmond-upon-Thames in South West London and I can’t help but think that black and white photographs are more dramatic and more emotional. Don’t get me wrong, I think photographs in colour are great, particularly when the surroundings are bursting with colour – like spring or autumn photo shoots. But sometimes removing colour makes the photo better by making it more simple.

I recently did a lovely photo shoot in Hampton, not far from Richmond

Even though the family was photographed in a colourful park, when I was going through the photos, I thought the black and white photos were my favourites. Here’s a small selection from the family photo session. The mum was keen on getting some lovely photos of her daughter – who was absolutely wonderful to photograph. She was such a delight and so relaxed in front of the camera.

girl standing on log in Park family photo shoot girl playing on log in park girl's feet on log family sitting together on long girl walking on log in family photo shoot smiling girl in family photo shoot girl holding hat in park photo shoot girl playing on log in park

I’ve had several families tell me they prefer black and white photos

I’m not surprised by this as I think that sometimes with family photographs, particularly those of young children, making them black & white gives them a timeless quality that enhances their power to evoke emotions.

I’d love to know if you agree!

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