As an experienced nursery photographer, I’m writing this post specifically for nursery and pre-schools that want to get the best photos possible

It’s most likely that a nursery photographer will only spend a few minutes with every child that they photograph at nurseries. Here are 3 excellent tips that I hope will help ensure that your photographer will get the best photos possible in these few minutes! I’m using the example of a preschool I photographed in March 2016. Only images with express approval by parents are used in this post.

1. Use props and toys from the nursery

Some photographers will set up a mini studio where the children are photographed. Being brought into this scenario can often be quite daunting for a little child. I highly recommend that the children are photographed using props and toys from the nursery. (NOTE TO PARENTS:  you may want to bring your own toy that day if the nursery allows it. That way you will also have a keepsake in your photo).

Speak to your photographer beforehand and ask if this is possible. Suggest toys that you think would work.

In this photograph below, I used the tunnel that the children were used to playing with. I also brought a little rocking chair with me, but most children wanted to be photographed with the props they already knew.


2. Ensure the children are part of the process

This may sound obvious, but children who are actively involved in the process of photography, will enjoy it more.  To get children more involved, nursery staff could…

– ask the photographer if it’s possible for the children to see some of the images that were taken of other children and show them images taken during their session.

– use several props or toys and ask the photographer to give the children a choice for where to start. This can be used for even smaller children.

– ask the photographer if the children could be given the choice to sit or stand or even lie down

Some poses for preschool photo shoot

3. It MUST be fun

This is probably the most important point. Children who are having fun are more likely to enjoy having their picture taken.

Good luck! If you’re interested in having me take some photos for your nursery, please get in touch.