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I wasn’t planning on making this behind the scenes video – it kind of happened by accident. 

I was due to photograph a family with a newborn baby but I got the dates a little mixed up. It turns out they were expecting to come to my Twickenham Green photography studio the following week but by the time I realised that, I had already set up! Oops!

This is when I thought I’d make the most of the situation and that it would be fun to show people exactly what happens during a newborn session with me.

The only problem was that I needed a family with a baby and also someone to video me!

I ended up calling up a friend who recently had a baby, and another one to come and video ME – and hey presto! An hour later, and I have a behind the scenes video to show you!

I prefer natural light photography and my friend loves that too. The photos turn out so much gentler and softer. Parents actually tell me me that being in my studio feels like being at someone’s house rather than a studio!

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a few images I took the week before I made this video. Isn’t it lovely seeing a dad that loves his baby so much?

I know that a lot of parents have so much to think about when planning for the arrival of a baby. Making sure they get gorgeous photos of their new baby is one of them.

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