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newborn baby photography

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Your beautiful baby

Tasteful and natural images

Our children are the greatest gift we receive in life. There’s nothing sweeter than a photo of a newborn baby when they are their tiniest. I love capturing beautiful, sleepy photos, and also precious family cuddles. During a newborn photography session, I only put babies in very gentle poses that are comfortable. I also like photos when parents are holding their baby in a natural way. 

My newborn photography studio is on Twickenham Green, in South West London. It’s full of natural light so that your photos are gentle as they are beautiful. I’ve designed my studio space so their’s also plenty of room for families with siblings.

Safety is always a priority and I’ve been trained in baby first aid.

Take a look behind the scenes of a newborn photoshoot

My professional photography studio is located above Maple Leaf Pharmacy on Twickenham Green. It’s a popular destination for families who live nearby! Here’s a sneak peak behind my newborn photography studio.

Where do newborn photo shoots take place?

My professional photography studio is located above Maple Leaf Pharmacy on Twickenham Green. It’s a popular destination for families who live nearby! More importantly for parents, my photography studio is a comfortable and bright space. I use predominantly natural light. Some pictures are taken when the baby is sleeping in gentle poses on a blanket. Other pictures are of the baby being held by their parents or other family members. The poses look natural and genuine. I also have a sofa in my studio in case one (or both!) parents feel like taking a little nap during the session.

I can also take photos in the comfort of your home.

Newborn photography FAQs

What do you need to know about my professional newborn photography sessions? This newborn photography FAQs section will be useful if you’ve never had a newborn photo shoot before and have questions about booking a session. Click on the questions to see my answers!


I suggest booking the newborn session after your 20 week scan. I only do a certain number of newborns a month so booking early will ensure your spot.

Since newborns are at their sleepiest around 7-10 days, that’s when it’s best to photograph them if you’d like delicately posed sleepy photographs. It’s still possible to take pictures after this time, but the images will be a mix of sleepy and awake images rather than mainly sleepy pictures. I am happy to photograph older newborns, particularly if you want more awake images.

Don’t worry if you’re baby is born early or late. I ask parents to get in touch within 24hours of their baby being born so we can find a suitable date 7-10 days later. Photoshoots typically take place in the morning.


POSED PHOTOS: You know the photos where the baby is asleep and swaddled in a basket? They are posed images. For these newborn photography images, I use natural light with the baby carefully posed on blankets. I don’t use many props as I want to keep pictures relaxed and natural. This type of photography focuses almost exclusively on the baby when they are about 7-10 days old. This style takes place in my professional photography studio on Twickenham Green.

LIFESTYLE NEWBORN PHOTOS:  This style brings in other members of the family. My goal is to capture the tender interaction with the baby’s family, particularly mum, dad and brothers/sisters. This can take place in my professional photography studio or at your home.

YES I CAN! The days following the birth of a baby can be quite tiring and I am happy to come to your home. I don’t charge extra for this but only provide lifestyle photos of the baby and family around the house. If you’d also like posed images of the baby (see my previous FAQ question), I suggest you come to my lovely newborn photography studio in Twickenham Green.


The photoshoot can take place anywhere in the house, but normally centres around 2-3 rooms. These are typically the ones with the greatest natural light since I tend not to use lighting equipment if possible for lifestyle photos. These rooms tend to be the main/baby bedroom, the living room and sometimes the kitchen. The big tip for preparing these areas is to remove ‘clutter’. For example, remove any small items etc. from the side tables beside the master bed. Don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to do this. When we start doing the shoot, we will start moving some things around, but it will help if the rooms are as clutter free as possible.

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