About Andisheh

I promise that when you read this section of my website, you’ll be a little surprised!

At 16, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. But then again, I also knew I wanted to be a scientist

It’s not brain science to figure out which traditional route I ended up going down first. Although I started the University of Victoria’s Photography Club way back in 1995 during my undergraduate degree in Canada, I had to wait more than a decade before I turned to photography professionally.

In 2000 I moved to the UK and in 2003 I was awarded my PhD from the University of Cambridge for research into Parkinson’s Disease. So I ended up doing brain science after all!

In 2006 I took a drastic leap of faith

I decided to put science on hold (for a year anyway) and studied for a professional photography diploma at the University of the Arts London.

I was thrilled to be one of the top students that year. In that time I somehow managed to photograph some pretty interesting people! This included David Cameron, lots of pop stars and top CEOs.

I then mixed my love of science and visual arts by working for some top healthcare advertising agencies.

What turned out to be an exciting career mixing my two biggest passions was not ideal when I had my daughter in the Spring of 2014.

So I turned to family photography. It was a way to continue my passion for photography but have flexible hours so I could focus on raising my baby. My love of babies and children has really helped my family photography. It’s why I’m also focusing newborn photography.