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From brain scientist to family & newborn photographer… 

It’s not your usual career path!

Yup, you read that rightmost families are surprised to hear that I started my career doing something so unrelated to photography!


Back in 2000, I moved to the UK from Canada. I got my PhD from the University of Cambridge and started work as a neuroscientist.

But after a few years, I really needed a break from science. So I followed my heart, took a drastic leap of faith & went off to study photography in central London!

It was amazing. I was thrilled to be one of the top students that year & somehow managed to photograph some pretty interesting people – including David Cameron, lots of pop stars and top CEOs (!). 

I wasn’t ready to give up science completely. So I got a job for medical advertising agency – where I could still be in a science-related field, but one that had a creative side to it.

Advertising was a fast-paced and busy world – a lot of fun! BUT I was working long hours. And when I got pregnant, I knew I had to decide how I was going to balance motherhood and my career (a situation so many of us face these days!).

When my daughter came along

In the end, I decided that my advertising job could wait. I didnt want to miss that time with my baby.

But I also needed an income. It felt SO right to pick up my camera again & photograph babies and children! By working with other families in South West London, I could keep the flexibility I needed around childcare.

I just feel so deeply that childhood is precious. Those early days & years are gone so fast. I know how important photography is, to help treasure these moments. And I feel lucky every single day, that I can make a difference & do what I love!

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