Hands down having a newborn baby is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

But why didn’t anyone tell me as how quickly my daughter was going to change?! One minute I could fit her tiny feet in my hands and the next minute I’m jumping with her in muddy puddles. It’s precisely because newborn babies change so quickly that so many families come to me to capture those early days when their baby is at its tiniest. For many parents, this is the first time they are having a newborn photo shoot and they have so many questions about how it works. Because of that, I’ve created my top 5 things you probably didn’t know about newborn photography. I suggest anyone thinking about having newborn photos read through this list

1. Timing is everything! Newborn photography is normally done when babies are about a week old (and no more than 2 weeks old)

Newborn babies love sleeping. That’s precisely when it’s best to get those curled up poses either on their own or with their adoring parents. From about the time they are two to three weeks old, newborns start becoming more alert and aware of their surroundings. This is why newborn photographers prefer to photograph newborns when they are between 7-14 days old.

newborn baby curled up in pink bonnet

2. Don’t leave it too late! Book when you’re pregnant and not once the baby is born

I don’t suggest this just because I want to be fully booked in advance (which of course I do!). It’s because many new parents don’t realise that photos are ideally done when the baby is less than 2 weeks old and although I try my best to fit in every family, I may not have availability during that ideal time window of 7-14 days. The photos still come out great with slightly older newborns, but we don’t get as many sleepy photos.

natural light photography with newborn baby

3. Some like it hot! The baby does anyway

Since I mainly take photos when the baby is unrobed or lightly swaddled, I have to make sure that they are nice and cosy. This means cranking up the heat! My photography studio is a lovely toasty warm temperature when I have newborns visiting. Even if it’s mid winter, I let parents know they should wear layers and expect to be comfortable in a t-shirt or equivalent.

4. There are several photography styles to choose from and some photographers, like me, will offer a range of styles

If you’ve had a nosy around different newborn photography pages, you’ve probably noticed that there are two main types of newborn photographers. Most do carefully posed studio style photography with babies and their families. They use a range of cute props and often the babies are on blankets that are placed on a large sturdy beanbag. The other style of photography involves more natural poses with families, often in their homes. Most photographers have one or the other style. Because I like both, I’ve set up my studio so that families can have both styles at the same time. I’ve got a newborn studio set up but also a bright window that is perfect for sweet poses with parents holding their baby. A sofa is an added bonus when you have older siblings with you.

Here’s what I mean by posed newborn studio photos

Here is what I mean by natural photos

Newborn and family photographer Andisheh


My sofa is also great for including the whole family

5. Newborn sessions are twice as long as regular family photo shoots

Whereas I normally allow about an hour to photograph families, I allow around 3 hours for newborns. This doesn’t even include time it takes me to set up and pack up my studio! This gives us enough time to make sure we have breaks for feeding, cuddling, changing nappies and of course, a stretch of time when the baby is lovely and sleepy!

If you have more questions about newborn photography, or thinking of booking a session, get in touch HERE!