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Because of COVID-19 many families are facing unexpected financial difficulties. That’s why I’ve written this blog about how you can still get beautiful professional photos of your children at a cost that’s more aligned with your budget.


There are a few ways you can save money while STILL getting beautiful photos of your family. Here are 3 of theM

1. Book a MINI-photoshoot rather than a full family photo shoot (starting from £25)


mini photo shoot



These sessions are more cost effective because they are shorter than regular family sessions which are at least an hour long. Instead, these sessions are short – between 10-30min. As a result, they are much less expensive too. 

COST: Mini photo shoot sessions can start from £25 to book and inclusive of the digital downloads can be upto £270 when purchasing the digital downloads.. This is a fraction of the cost of a full session which start from £380. 

LENGTH: typically between 10min and 30minutes.

PROS: Shorter sessions are perfect for families that just want a few professional photos. They work best with families with 1-2 children and babies that can comfortably sit up on their own (i.e. older than 6 months old). They take place in local parks or in a studio setting. They’re sometimes done in conjunction with local baby and family organisations so some of the proceeds goes back to them.

CONS: Because these sessions are shorter it’s not really suitable for larger families where you need a bit more time. Mini sessions are not as good for families that have children who are less than 6 months old as they often need more time. You’ll also get fewer photos than a full session. This also means the variety of images isn’t as great. 



2. Share your session with extended family or with friends

large family group photo


It’s like sharing a taxi fair – you’re going to the same place but the cost is less. A family reunion or gathering, for example, is a great opportunity to get professional photos while being able to spread the cost amongst family members. 

COST: Family photo sessions can start from £400, which split amongst 2 or more family groups can cost less than a mini session. 

LENGTH: typically 1-1.5hours.

PROS: Apart from the cost, they’re a great way to get a variety of photos with different family member combinations. Having grandma with all the grandkids for example, is something she’ll love.

CONS: The only cons are the logistics of getting family members together – which can be overcome when it coincides with a family occasion.


2. Learn to take professional looking photos of your children with your phone with an online course

Nowadays every very parent is obsessed with taking phone photos of their children. It’s great being able to capture those wonderful every day moments. If you learn a few tips and techniques for how to use your phone to it’s full potential, your phone photos can look like a professionally taken photo. One that you’d want to put up on your walls!

COST: The cost of a course can be around £50. 

LENGTH: Online courses can be self-paced and up to a few hours long.

PROS: If you have a new phone, your photos will turn out looking much better once you’ve learned a few tips and techniques for photographing children. I run a course where I teach parents how to get children to cooperate for a photo shoot. It can make an OK picture turn out great. 

CONS: Since you’ll be the one taking the photos, it means you won’t be in them!







About the author

I’m a family photographer based in Twickenham and I love the local area. I’ve recently moved from Twickenham Green to East Twickenham, just by the entrance of Marble Hill Park. I offer family photo shoots in all the gorgeous locations in the area.


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