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Here are 3 questions to ask your newborn baby photographer so you know what to expect

Babies grow at such an incredible rate that parents are keen to capture those first few days with some beautiful photos.

1. Where does it take place?

Newborn photography typically takes place in one of two places – a photographers studio or in the comfort of your home.

Photo shoot in your home

Not all newborn photographers have their own studio. If they don’t, it’s worth asking if they bring a mobile studio to you or if they do natural ‘lifestyle’ photos at home without bringing props. The answer may depend on the style of photography they do.

If a photographer only takes photos in the home they will likely specialise in natural ‘lifestyle’ photos where they don’t pose the baby before photographing them. Others will bring a limited number props with them and set up a mobile studio so they can take ‘posed’ photos of the baby. To see the difference in these type of photos, you can read my article about it here [LINK TO BLOG]

The advantage of having a photographer come to your home means that you don’t have to pack for a day out.

However, it does mean that I ask families to remove clutter from around the house and ensure there is enough space for me to set up a mini-studio if I bring one.

Photo shoot in a photographer’s studio

If a photographer has a studio, it will typically have a range of props, studio lights and everything you’ll need for your session (mine even has a sofa if you want to take a nap!)

The advantage of coming to a studio is that you don’t have to worry about tidying up your home or ensuring you have enough space.

Let’s be honest – the birth of a baby can create havoc to your house with all the new equipment / furniture so coming to a studio can sometimes be a relief.

You can watch this video to see behind the scenes of what my newborn photography studio looks like.

2. How much does it REALLY cost?

How much a newborn photography session costs depends on several factors.

When you hire a skilled newborn photographer you are paying for their years of photography experience, creativity and training (not to mention their expensive equipment!)

Every photographer is different and their fee often reflects their level of experience – more experienced photographers will charge more.

Photography fees are typically split into 2 parts – a booking fee and image purchase fee

BOOKING FEE: Most newborn photographers in London will first charge a booking fee before the session takes place.

This is typically between £100-300 (I charge £225). This covers the time during the photo shoot, their creative artistry taking the photos and the time taken to meticulously edit your photos.

IMAGE PURCHASE FEE: The booking fee typically does not include any prints or downloads and why I suggest that parents should always know how much it costs to buy the images and prints.

While you may tell yourself that only a handful of photos is enough to buy from a newborn photo shoot, be prepared to fall in love with a lot more! That’s why as soon as you inquire about booking a session, be sure to take a close look at the fees for buying products.

Does your photographer sell stand alone digital images on their own without needing to buy framed prints?

Most experienced newborn photographers will charge at least £395 to buy a few of the digital downloads and prices can go up to several thousand pounds if you want large mounted prints and albums.

You can see my prices here as an example of what I charge.

3. When do newborn photo shoots take place?

Unless a preplanned cesarian is booked, having flexibility about the photo shoot date is pretty much unavoidable. If families want pictures of their baby posed and sleeping gently on a blanket, I recommend photographing them about 7-10 days after being born.

This means that a photographer will normally hear from the parents within a day of the baby being born and then arrange a photo shoot for about a week later.

There’s a little more flexibility if families are looking for more relaxed and lifestyle images. I’ve taken those when newborns are a month old or even older. By the time they are 12 weeks old, they’re not really newborns anymore so I’d recommend doing it before then if you’d like newborn baby photos.

If you found this blog useful, you’ll enjoy reading my blog about how much you know about newborns.

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