Andisheh photographed me during pregnancy in a local park with my husband. The photos were amazing so we asked Andisheh to take photos of our newborn as well. Not only is Andisheh evidently a professional, I called her the baby whisperer, during the shoots you feel like friends as she is so nice!

Here’s why my newborn photography is a little different…

Nothing compares to the joy and love that a newborn brings to a family and that’s probably why newborn photography is really popular. I have a lovely studio in Twickenham which is cozy and full of natural light. I don’t have any fixed newborn ‘poses’ that I have to do or really bendy positions I put the newborn in. What I find more important is to take the cue from your newborn baby so that the pictures you have are timeless. In my studio, I take photos with my studio lights and also relaxed documentary style photos using natural light. My flexible style means that no two photo shoots are the same and your photos will be unique to your lovely family. If you’d like photos at home, have you thought of my popular 2 staged photo shoot?  First, your baby is photographed in my studio at their tiniest. At less than 2 weeks old we get those sleepy poses. Then I do a photo shoot a couple of months later in your home. Your newborn will interact more with your family and the photos will show the family love even more.