If you haven’t saved Andisheh’s number in your phone, you need to! I booked a 10 minute slot at a Christmas event held in Teddington and the photos I’ve received are just perfect! Andisheh is completely professional and is the type of person who will completely put you at ease. I will definitely be using her again because she really captured my 18 month old daughter to perfection! Thank you once again for such a fun afternoon and more importantly, for your patience! x

Why natural family photos are a thing to treasure …

In a blink of an eye, my daughter went from being a newborn to celebrating her third birthday. How did that happen so quickly? I almost find it hard to imagine she was once a tiny baby that would fall asleep in my arms. Children grow up really quickly! It’s a fact of life that I’ll never get used to. I feel that it’s a real honour to be a family photographer and freeze a moment in a family’s life. Parents that hire me want pictures that capture their children in the most natural way possible – just being themselves. That’s why you’ll see so many happy children in my photos. My aim is to show the beauty, fun and innocence of childhood, whether that’s at home, in my studio or outdoors.