Below are my recent photo shoot galleries. To access them, click on the link and use the password that you would have been provided with. Please contact Andisheh HERE, if you have any issues accessing your photos. I typically keep galleries for 7 days (family photo shoots) or 6 weeks (event photography) before archiving, so please ensure you download or make your order in time. If you no longer see your photo gallery in this list below, I have archived your photos. Get in touch with Andisheh if you want access to them again. 


St. James First Holy Communion

6th MAY 2017:  READY! Click here

13th MAY 2017: READY! Click here

20th MAY 2017: READY! Click here

St. Theodore’s First Holy Communion

7th MAY 2017: READY! Click here

14th MAY 2017: READY! Click here

St James Confirmation

15th MAY 2017: READY! Click here

Karen and Chris’ big day

9th July: READY! Click here 

Sunflower 2017 summer sports day

11th July 2017: READY! Click here

Sunflower 2017 summer party

13th July 2017: READY! Click here


16th July 2017. READY! Click here